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Copper and Textured Bronze

It's all done with a torch.

People who enjoy this work also enjoy welding.


Copper and Textured Bronze can be used to express creative ideas in metal. All of this work is done with a hand held oxy-acetylene torch in a welding process called "brazing". If this type of "playing with fire" appeals to you, then you need to gain an understanding of the braze welding process and add some basic hand tools in order to get started.


  Some of the tools that you will want to have.

 The oxy-acetylene torch is the most important.

COPPER - We use copper tubes, copper sheet and copper wire. The copper is cut and shaped as desired for the projects.

TEXTURED BRONZE - The term used for the end result of the bronze alloy that is melted with the torch. The melted rods will join the pieces of copper and at times will coat the copper with bronze. This bronze is not the type of bronze used in traditional sculpture. It is a phosphorus bronze that is supplied in the form of brazing rods. These "phos-copper" brazing rods are melted with the torch onto the copper.

BACKGROUND - The group of techniques used in this approach were developed by Lee Robertson in the large body of work that he began producing around 1975. These exemplary works include sculpture, bas-relief panels, fountains and artistic utilitarian items. He also published poetry and books of poems.

For professional fabrication

on residential, commercial and hospitality projects contact 

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